Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

of hsa and updates

So while my ASUS is in the repair shop, I hauled out my old Lenovo to use in the living room.  I used it for several days but ick.  The battery no longer charges. It's always run hot, but now it's running Really hot and it's just full o' junk.  I decided today it was time to just reset.  

Lenovo has a very easy reset deal - click and then say yes about 5 times and it reverts back to the way it was when I bought it.  In my case it was 108 updates short of a current operating system and I had totally forgotten about the giant boatload of bloatware.  Holy crap.  It's ugly.  I got through most and downloaded Microsoft Essentials and Chrome and now it's downloading and installing the 108 updates.


I am confused by wifi network speeds.  I can get in my home wifi network with my phone and run speedtest and get 20Mbps down.  I can put the laptop (windows or chrome) right next to that same phone and never see more than 5-10Mbps.  That just makes no sense to me.


I got a note from the insurance guy who handles my ex-bosses insurance stuff.  Ex-boss is funding a Health Savings account for me to the tune of $50 a month.  I've never actually had an HSA myself before but I think with the new insurance it's going to help me out a bunch.  A giant chunk of my medical cost every year is drugs and a very stable amount - I know how much they cost and how much I will use so I can project how much I'll need.  Then I can feed the HSA myself and get a nice tax deduction.  Apparently the COBRA administrator  is going to help me set up the HSA.


And speaking of taxes, I've done as much as I can until more forms come in.  I have no clue where I stand this year.  I could owe a bundle or come out even. I'm thinking a refund is not in the cards.

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