Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh, what a relief

My eyes started itching yesterday and today they are still going strong and driving me nuts.  I have surgically implanted lenses and I was afraid that I was rubbing my eyes so hard and so often that those suckers were going to pop right out.  I finally enlisted the aid of Dr. Google and came up with an over the counter 12 hour eye drop for itchy eyes - Zaditor.  Note to self:  get some tomorrow - stat!

Then I thought... a few years ago an eye doctor told me to always keep eyedrops in the fridge.  I remember it was Summer and even though I thought the guy was a jerk, having a supply of cold artificial tears at the ready seemed like a good idea.  So I always have.  

I wonder...  I looked in the fridge and there was a tiny little bottle of Zaditor!!!!  I popped those drops in the peepers and in 30 minutes my itching was g o n e.  Hallifuckinglooya.  And whew.  Seriously, that's some magical shit.

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