Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got the laptop off to ASUS repair.  I was excecting it would be pricey to send but it turned out to be double that. Whew. Oh well.  The guy who waited on me was not helpful, happy or nice to do business with so I came home and filled out the survey listed on the receipt.  Happily it asked for store and clerk id. Take that Mr. Snot.


I canceled my Netflix account but I fucked up the cancel and it doesn't end until February 11.  So I got to see the new Netflix series House of Cards.  They released the whole first season yesterday. I saw the first two episodes last night and enjoyed them.  I think I can work in all the episodes before my account actually closes.

Last week I wrote about losing the Front Door TV Network and that entry netted a comment from a Comcast person asking if he could help.  I sent the info and yesterday got a call from a local manager who totally understood the mechanical and emotional ('I'm a people watcher, too!) issues and said he's going to look into it and see if there isn't a fix.  I put him in touch with Scott the building manager.  My fingers are crossed but I love that Comcast found the entry and followed up so effectively!

Scott says that in two years our exclusive contract ends and the condo could vote to put a dish on the roof.  I sure as hell hope they don't vote Comcast out!


Today is my first session of my Drawing for Beginner's class.  My swim class ends at 9:15 and the art class is at 10 and about 15 minutes from the pool.  Also happily, there's a drive through MacDonald's on the way - coffee and a sausage biscuit!

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