Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

gadget pondering

Now having spent a day and a half on this horrible Lenovo, I'm starting to rethink sending my ASUS out.  In comparison  even with its issues it's still way way better than this POS.  But, I guess I'll go ahead.  That power short really needs to be fixed.


My phone contract is ending with Sprint.  Because of the way their contracts go, I can actually upgrade to a new phone at a nicely reduced rate, if I sign up for 2 more years, today.  But, while I do covet one of the new phones, I really don't hate my current one.  it's the Sprint data service I hate.  Because of longevity (I've been on Sprint for 14 years) and other discounts, I have the most cost effective deal with Sprint.  I get truly unlimited data and more phone and text time than I can use for less than $75 total (taxes, dealer prep, etc).  I can't find another carrier with a plan that comes close to that.

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