Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Manipulating my cat

I just realized that I'm playing Betty like a fiddle every morning.  I get up and feed her and get my coffee and come back to bed.  BUT, I don't feed her enough to satisfy her cause I know, when she's done she'll hop up here and beg for more.  She's her  own worst enemy though because the way she begs is by cuddling with me.

Reminds me of manipulating my Mom when we were kids.  I finally got my own room but my bother and sister wouldn't stay out of it.  If, however, I acted up, my Mom would send me to my room where I had to close the door and they weren't allowed in because I was being punished.  SCORE!!

I have the soul of Tom Sawyer.

Today's adventure is hauling across town to the shipping store and then on to swim class with my favorite instructor.

I think first, though, I'll do some laundry.  And that's about it for the schedule.

In my retiree's/old people's obsession way, I checked the website of my health insurer today - February 1 - the day the new insurance is supposed to kick in.  Only on the website there are no changes.  It's not good news cause I know the website is wrong. It shows $2000 deductible and it's supposed to be $2,500 - which means the rest is wrong, too.  Sigh.  I wait.  Really, there is no reason I have to know right now except to satisfy the obsession.  My next (finger's crossed that I don't need anything sooner) doctor's appointment isn't until May.

It's warmed up considerably here.  Looks like this will be yet another winter when we get no snow here at my house.  Sigh. I'm not quite ready to give up cold weather.  Happily it will probably be several months before the cool weather is gone.

Ok, Betty is being so sweet and cuddly, now I can't get up.  She's fighting both our causes!

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