Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

oooooooh delicious!

I am not a vegetable person - at all.  I like some - okra, but only fried.  Eggplant, but only fried and best if cut up like french fries and deep fried.  Mushrooms.  Tomatoes (but, yeah, they are a fruit).  I'll eat lettuce and a fair number of raw vegetables but, honestly, meat-and-potatoes is my main man.

So when I find a vegetable dish I like, it's a BFD.  I saw this Saute Express tuff in a magazine ad the other day, I thought, hmmmm  Today, I picked up the garlic and herb one.  Tonight I put a little - size of a pat of butter - into a pan and sauted some fresh green beans in it.  OMG.  I kid you not.  This stuff was amazing!  What a great thing to do to green beans!

I gotta find more stuff to saute!

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