Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Snail mail brings $$ changes

I am getting my health insurance through my former employer via COBRA.  Today I got the package for the new insurance which starts on Friday.  And I think it's going to cost me big $$.

My monthly payment goes down $50.  Prescriptions look like they are now part of the deductible so after the first $500, the drugs I take will more than double in cost to me.  A checkup visit to the doctor will go from $35 to $0 but any other visit will go from $35 to  more like $60.  

I could be reading it all wrong.  On Friday, I should be able to log onto the insurance website and see the new stuff and get a better idea of the details (it will show the current stuff until then).

Oh well, it's better than no insurance and I'm lucky to have it. And I have the money. I'd sure rather spend it on other stuff, but at least I have it.  And if I'm lucky, I can get through next year without getting sick!


And I got a package from the unemployment peops.  My state unemployment benefits are running out and they tell me that I can apply for a federal package to extend my benefits another 47 weeks.  

I think the feds don't need me sucking on their teet.  My declination will be my charitable contribution this year. 

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