Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Old people Wednesday

Ever since I discovered that Goodwill gives a 20% discount to Seniors on Wednesdays, I've been obsessed. I am going today but only to drop off stuff.  There is nothing I need and if I go in the door, knowing my price is 20% off, I'll get Shit I Don't Need.  I already have Shit I Don't Need.

The drop off is, happily, in the parking lot and separate from the store.


Last night's dreams were punctuated not once by twice by Betty throwing up - such a lovely sign.  ARUGH.  And then, because she was hungry, she's in my face at 6 am.  I think she probably still has whatever it is she had when we went to the vets but she's happy and perky and has always been a thrower upper.  She's eating great and drinking and is lively so I'm just going to let her be.

We spent a fair amount of time yesterday playing with the laser, even at her old age, she turns into a spry kitten when she sees that red dot.

I do get a bit of satisfaction that she hates the sound of the rug scrubber/wet vac that I use to clean up after her.  


I do think the Microsoft Office $100 a year for 5 computers is not unreasonable.  I have one license of, I think, Office 2007, that I use very very rarely.  I can get everything I need now done with Google Docs, but there was a time when I used Office all the time and would have considered this new model, a good deal.  I also get why it is an emotionally difficult leap to the new way of 'buying' software.


Whe howeird as here last week, he popped out his camera for 'a picture or it didn't happen'.  It happened!!!

I weigh about 225 pounds now.  I spent the years from 13-50 100 pounds lighter and trying to lose 15 of those.  Those 15 were in my ass and hips.  My face was always trim.  In the last 13 years, I relinquished all weight loss efforts in favor of eating what I want when I want to eat it.  And I quit smoking.  Hello 100 pounds all of which look like they have settled into my face.  

In my mind I am still the same size I was for all those years.  I'm still taken aback when I look in the mirror and shocked when I see pictures of my self with that giant chin and slitty eyes.  But, then I think about yummy things to eat and all the money I saved from not buying cigarettes, I'm perfectly fine with my decisions.  

This particular picture reminds me of a delicious meal in addition to a fun time meeting howeird.


I have heard from ASUS and have filled out and sent in the RMA form they sent to me.  This morning, I tried to print a document from the ASUS and got a windows error message.  I put the doc (a pdf) into my Google Docs folder and popped over to Google Drive and printed it out without a problem.  Sigh.

In so many ways the ASUS feels better and easier to use than the Samsung Chromebook but, as it cost 3 times more, it should and in the fundamentals, the Chromebook wins more times than it loses.  


I have a couple of errands to run today and that's about it for the agenda.  I did get the bulk of the taxes done yesterday. I'm waiting on one form and then into the pencil pusher it all goes.  Next year should be dirt simple.

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