Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have kept my ASUS Zenbook laptop in the living room and my Chromebook in the bedroom but I'm so tired of fucking with the Zenbook's issues. 

1. There is an intermittent issue with the power.  When you unplug or plug it in, about every 3rd time, it just dies. And on restart brings up the Windows unsuspected stop screen.
2.  The power plug is so loose that it easily falls out resulting in more instances of #1 above.
3  The wifi sucks.

I'm just tired of fighting it so last night the Chromebook got a promotion to the living room ad the Zenbook takes a back seat in the bedroom.  I also submitted a service ticket to ASUS because it should still be under warranty.  But, having dealt with their service in the past, I am sure they will send 46 reasons why these issues do not quality for warranty repair and any other repair would cost more than a new Chromebook.

I have my old desktop ready to take on any Windows required tasks necessary so really replacing it with another Chromebook would work fine.  I love the Zenbook because it is to so pretty and sleek and lightweight but functioning is, at this point, more important to me.

I may just try to sell it for cheap. But I so hate dealing with eBay or Craigslist...  Sigh..  


Today, the Skillet truck is coming to my neighborhood for lunch 11:30-2 and my swim class is noon. I actually thought about skipping swim class but before I left the pool yesterday, I asked and the good teacher is teaching today so I don't really want to skip.  I think I'll just take my chances that they will have something good left late and if not, I'll take joy in saving $$!


Taxes. Yesterday I was going to get them started but ended up using that time to make a favicon for a new website this guy designed for tech news.  So maybe I'll get the taxes started today instead.  Maybe I just just get going on them now.

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