Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Life changing change

My condo building is a 100+ year old railroad warehouse that two women developed into condos. I moved in as soon as they were done - 1992. One of the features of the new place was one I grabbed onto with gusto. A front door camera!  You could punch up channel 20 on your TV and see the front door. If someone comes to visit, they punch you in on the directory at the front door, you can see them on the TV and let them in by hitting #9 on your phone.

I LOVE Front Door TV Network.  I keep it on any time I'm home and not watching a program. It's highly entertaining.


When I started working from home in 2005, it became my all day companion.  I love it. I watch people move in and people move out. People get groceries delivered and flowers.  Visitors come on game days with pizza and beer.  I can see when neighbor Ann comes in from the gym and meet her at the elevator if I want to catch her for something.

So handy and so fun.

And... today... I found out it will soon be gone.

I knew we were living on borrowed time the minute Comcast announced the end of analog channels.  We've had several good years since then, but a few weeks ago they actually did kill all the analog channels.  This one remains because of an antiquated box in the manager's office.  The manager told me today that Comcast is going to come up and upgrade my entertainment out of existence, soon.

When they first started with digital channels, we had Front Door TV on one of them.  But, only for about six months and then it went away and never came back.  

Now it is all going and I'll never know who's going and who's coming if the new owners have the coolest furniture or the tackiest.  I'll never know when the mail comes.  Sigh.

At least he told me it's coming so I can mentally prepare.  TiVo has a slideshow from Piccassa that maybe I'll toss up there for amusement.  But for now, I'll just enjoy the last days of my old friend,  Front Door TV Network.
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