Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Monday!

I bought 8 pairs of shoes from Zappos in the past two weeks. So my Discover balance has been been on the high side...  I sent 7 back and today the credits hit. Nice. Kind of like having your credit card balance paid off by a fairy godmother!

Betty ate up all her food last night, even cleared out the bowl of always there dry food.  She apparently tolerated the situation for a while but once the radio went off this morning she was all over my face with her less than subtle GET UP AND FEED ME NOW paw on face.  I tried burrowing down and hiding my face under the covers but she was a (cat) woman on a mission.  Note to self:  Make sure her dry bowl is filled before you go to bed, you'll thank me in the morning.

No swim class today.  The pool opens at 11.  I think I'll be there with my MP3 player and do a little self guided class.  I'm thinking about maybe skipping tomorrow's class so I want to make sure I get into the water today.

Oh! I just looked up and saw the Amtrak train leaving the station... I'll betcha that's the one that <lj user=howeird> is on!  Byebye!

This week, right now, looks chock full o' nuthin.  The house is clean (even the kitchen is clean right now).  The laundry is done. I just got the last prescription refilled so I'm good til March which should take me over the annual insurance renewal bump which often causes coverage sneezes.  Everything's done and filed and in order.  

There is such peace in all of that. Everything is tidy.  Nothing is owed. No one is waiting.  Nice.

One thing I can do although it's a little early is start my tax return.  I can get the CPA's form filled out and send in all the stuff I have so far.  There may be more he needs but I can get the bulk of it done. His digital form is a blast from the past - Windows95 era app.  And his methods are of the same era. I actually only keep him because he's tight with my investment guy and they do a lot of the tedious stuff without even evolving me which suits me fine and dandy.

So this week will be tax week!  Good plan.
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