Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothin' much

My lungs seem to be on a bit of a staycation. They are here but not working really well. I noticed it when I got to the pool.  There are two flights of stairs to climb. Mostly I don't even notice the breath it takes to get up them but sometimes I really do and today was a really do.  I got through class ok, it took more effort than usual, but I made it.  

I'm fine now and don't really need much lung capacity for the afternoon so maybe they will recover.  I need to get them going to walk up to the International District.  I'm meetin howeird or dinner at Ho Ho Seafood tonight.  I've read his journal for about a basciallion years but tonight will be our first meeting.  Should be fun!

I made a couple of stops on the way home from the pool - one for breakfast and one to drop off some return UPS packages.  I stopped at a UPS shop I've used before because it's handy coming from that pool.  It's not anywhere near my house, really, becuase it is a joy to deal with.  There are always lots of people on hand to help you and they are always fun and cheerful.  I'd like more reasons to go in there.  It's just a happy place!

The Mariners are holding their annual pre-season deal (Fan Fest) where for $10 (I think kids are free) you can hang out at the ballpark, some of the players are there, you can walk around the bases, and all kinds of fun baseball things.  Neighbor Ann and I went one year and it was fun.

This morning the doors opened at 11.  The stadium fills up about 2 city blocks.  When I drove by on my way home, the line - about 4 peops deep - stretched around 3 sides of the stadium (6 city blocks) - actually maybe longer cause that's all I could see from the car.  A Freakin Mazing.  I am glad it stopped raining. I hope the day is a huge success for all involved.

Now I'm going to knit bears and watch Project Runway.  I'm not thinking I'm going to like this season but there is a woman almost my age from nearby here so maybe I'll hang in until she gets booted off.
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