Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

i got a hug because i'm colorful!!

I was wandering slowly (because I was very early) into the pool building when two women came out.  The second one was walking more slowly than the first. I said hi to the first one and then hi to the second one who grabbed me into a GIANT bear hug.  

The first one came back and was clearly shocked 'Wow.  She is NOT a hugger!  I think she likes your colors.'  The hugger was a woman of about 35/40 and when she finished hugging she kept rubbing my bright jade green fleece shirt.  'She doesn't smile or talk.' said the hugger's companion.

I asked what her name was and was told Melissa. Melissa was rubbing my arm to feel the shirt some more and then we hugged a couple of more times. Then they went on and I went into the pool building. It was a simple encounter but It was sweet and nice and left me feeling very special.  And colorful!


Class was great. Montel told me that pool would be closed for the last week in February and all of March!  Yikes!!  Guess I'd better enjoy it while I can.


When I came out Google Now told me it was 22 minutes to home.  I knew it was wrong - it takes more time than that when there's not traffic.... Or so I thought!   Had Google been sitting next to me with wallet out, I would have wagered big that it would have taken me more than 30 mins.  I would have lost. 25 mins exactly.  Well played, Googs.

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