Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Betty du jour

Most days, these days, Betty stays close enough for me to reach out and touch her. Right now she has her head resting on my arm as I type. She's such a sweetie. We're just a couple of little (in her case, not mine) old ladies enjoying life together.  I do so appreciate her company.  

I'm now crosslegged on the bed and she's on my lap.



Today's swim class is across town and not til after lunch. 


It's way warmer today than it has been in some time. Kind of a nice break.  


My favorite food truck (Skillet) is coming to the building across the street next week and, it appears, every Tuesday at least through the Summer.  The building across the street is a huge (and lovely) office building that was built from the ground up a few years ago.  It added about 2000 people to the lunch time crowd of the neighborhood.

There are not currently a lot of residents here - maybe 500 total.  We have 101 residential units in this building and there are a smattering of other smaller buildings up the street.  When they finish the building they are building outside my terrace (other side of my condo building from the office building mentioned above), there will be 700 residential units added to the area.  Plus a 23 story hotel.  And it looks like the new stadium (less than a mile from here) will be built making 3 within a mile.

When I moved in here 20 years ago, there was one stadium and some old buildings.  It was a hot place for young kids at night but during the day, they split.  The old buildings were full of one-off cpa and lawyer offices. 

Now the old buildings are joined by new.  It's primo real estate for tech companies.  It's still rapidly changing and all for the good.

I bought my condo in 1992 for $167,000. I am sure I could sell it fairly easily now for $400.  And, in a few years, as the 'hood matures further, even more.  But, I am so not selling. I love it here.

And I love that my favorite food truck is coming to me!

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