Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday's Costco trip took a very very bad turn. I bought some cupcakes in their bakery which turned out to be crack cupcakes. I could tell on bite #2 last night after dinner that they very well might cause me to re-up my account after all. I have until the end of February. I bought a couple of week's worth yesterday. So I'll go back and get a freezer's worth when those run out and hope hope hope that they were either a one time thing or I'll get sick of them - neither option stands a prayer in hell.  Sigh. Good intentions shot down by a freakin' cupcake.


A friend once told me that if he ever got so bored that he willingly sorted his underwear drawers, he'd just end it.  I though of him yesterday as I sorted my underwear drawers!  hahaha. I bought new socks at Costco which prompted the culling/organizing.  I actually felt pretty accomplished.  I'm not sure that's a good sign.


Today is swim class at noon. The Tuesday/Thursday instructor situation is getting pretty dire but, I've decided that I don't care.  I am still in the water. My classmates are my friend (except for the Very Annoying Elaine) and that's enough for me.  Tomorrow, I'll go back to Montrel, the great teacher and Saturday, is Maria, the nearly great teacher so today I'll just concentrate on the joy of being in the water.


I have no idea what brought this memory up but now that it's here, it deserves its place in the journal...

Years ago I had two friends who were roommates. We lived in a tiny town in South Carolina. They were Yankees and taught at the community college and I sold shit for IBM. We hung out and fancied ourselves are the  only 3 fully equipped minds in the county. We gathered every day to watch the Watergate hearings - that's how long ago it was. I spent at least part of every day with them for the two years I lived there. They never met any of my family but I talked - bitched - about them a lot. My sister was giving me a particularly difficult time. So my rants would start "My sister, who lives in Texas, xxxxxx".

One day, just before I moved, my parents called with some news or the other and I was telling them about it when one of them asked "Well, what does Liz think about that?!"  

I was really confused "Liz?? Who's Liz?"  

"Your sister! Liz in Texas!"

I wonder what ever happened to those two. I would really love to know.  We had some wonderful times together.

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