Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Turns out the Washington Talking Books place is happy to have you fill out their Volunteer form but, when you do, they send you - at least they sent me, an email saying they didn't need any volunteers.  

Ok, then.

Swim class had the same instructor we had last Thursday.  Dave.  Bad Dave.  On the upside, he makes the other instructors there who really are only mediocre, seem brilliant.  He did have good music.

My neck is cold.  Always in winter. I started noticing it last winter.  My brother was talking about moving to this area when he retires and I asked 'won't Dana [his wife] die of the cold'.  He said quickly, 'i'll just buy her a bunch of pretty scarves and she'll be fine.  it' only her neck that gets cold.'

Really? I'm not the only one?  This year I got some  scarves.  The ones I got are long, wrap arounds with tassels   I even made one without tassels cause the tassels ended up getting into everything.  No joy.  Today I'm wearing a relatively smallish faux silk scarf left over from my dress up days and, honestly, it's working perfectly.  

Weird.  A lot of being old is just weird.   They need a What to Expect When You Are Expecting... to Die book.

No, no, I'm not expecting to die this afternoon. I'm ready and ok if I do, but I don't have it on the calendar.
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