Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy MLK/Inauguration Monday!

Well, that guy on the internets was exactly right about those Target brand breathe right strips. They fit me better and are more comfortable than the branded Breathe-Rite ones and they are way cheaper. I can't wear them every night because I'd have no skin on my nose but I think I can manage every other night. Yeah. And wow. I slept like the dead.


We apparently had a power outage last night.  It was not too long, though, because the microwave time didn't need to be reset.  I thought I heard something last night but I was too busy sleeping to notice much.  It was probably the firedoors slamming in the hall or maybe just the sheer quiet.  No biggie. My alarm went off and most everything had reset itself fine by the time I got up this morning.


One last and final (I hope) shoe purchase made this morning. I wanted a pair of Keen sandals to go with my new allthetime shoes for hot weather.  Interestingly Zappos does not carry the style I wanted but Amazon does...  Amazon, even with Prime, takes a wee longer to get, to return, to get money back, etc. than Zappos but it's several months before I'll be wearing sandals.  I wanted to get them before the style got abandoned, though. I also wanted to use my Discover cash back.  This month it was more than $50 so the sandals only cost me $30 out of pocket.  Nice.  I love my cash back bonus.


I don't have any poetic or beautiful words or profound thoughts but I am filled with good and hopeful and grateful thoughts as I watch Obama inaugurated.  Last time was good but this time is better.  I am so grateful for what he's given this country.  I so appreciate another 4 years.


Betty is right here with me watching what I type.   She is so glad to be done with that antibiotic shit.  Honestly, I don't know if it did anything for her other than ruin every meal she's had for two weeks.  And lord knows this cat loves her meals.  So now she's back to loving them again and happy.  I promised no more food torture. Life's too short.


I have absolutely nothing on the agenda today.  No pools are open.  There is lots of food in the house.  I have lots of TiVo ready to watch and bears to knit. 


I'm going to start adding sharing buttons to my entries.  I can't imagine anyone will use them much but I might and I want to get into the habit of adding them in each time.

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