Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Someone left a big baggie of k-cups down on the Take It If You Want It shelf in our garage. There is a magnificent selection.  Score!!


Today I headed out to West Seattle for brunch.  I had a plan A, B and C.  Plan A worked out deliciously.  

Then on to Target.  I read a review of Target brand breath-rite strips and I wanted to try them. I had not been in a Target for a while. I think I've outgrown them.  There was a time when I always wanted to buy out that store. Now, they don't really carry much of anything I want. So I saved bundles!

Then on to Trader Joe's. They have a cinnamon bun with icing on it which is just to amazing. I've gotten in a terrible habit of keeping a supply in the freezer and nuking one every night after dinner for dessert. I keep hoping I'm going to get tired of them.  So far no joy. Oh so good. I bought 3 packs - 4 each.


Now home and happy to be here. Betty and I are going to watch some TV and knit... well, I'll probably end up doing all the knitting.
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