Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now, that was a bad idea all the way around

So, badrobot68 weeted that Pike Place Market was a zoo full of peops today.  So I figured they were all there and it was safe to go to Costco. 

I think what happened between the time he tweeted and the time I got there, everyone got in the car and went from the Market to Costco.  Holy crapoly. I drove in and knew instantly that today was NOT the day to go Costoco-ing.  I figured I'd just go on through the lot and then back home and not stress about the fools who just stop in the middle of the roadway and wait the 15 minutes it takes for the person who just came out to load up, go back for what they forgot, come back, load their new shit in, load the family in and finally, maybe, pull out.  

So I cranked up the radio and patiently plodded my way through.  Then in the third lot out, as I got there, a guy pulled out and no one was parked waiting for him so, WTF, I pulled in.

And then I started the long walk (in my new - ohsocomfie - shoes)...  About halfway there, I decided to pull out my Costco card.  

OOOps.  It is back at home with my library card and other shit I knew I would not need at CES so pulled out and left at home.  So, back to the car and back home.  

Next week  - on a weekday - will be a perfect time to go to Costco.  I already put the card back into my wallet.
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