Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

cheap therapy

When I was little (like 5ish), my paternal grandparents lived in Chaffee, MO.  We lived in Kansas City so it wasn't too far to go down there for a visit and so we did - fairly often.  My grandfather was amazing and magical.  My grandmother was mean as a snake.  So I always looked for ways to stay away from her.

Chaffee was a teensy town but lively. They had a 5 & dime store (I'm pretty sure it was Woolworth's) and it was a few blocks from my grandparents house.  The town was so tiny that even at 5 I was allowed to walk to town.  Let me tell you, this was BIG. And I could not do it enough. I felt so grown up prancing through town all on my own.

I had an allowance and I loved that 5 & dime more than you can possibly imagine. I would walk around it for hours just looking at all the stuff that I could actually buy with my own allowance!  It was just amazing.

To this day, given a choice of $1,000 to spend at Nordstrom and $100 to spend at Woolworths (I think there is one or two still alive), I'd take the $100 without even having to ponder.

Yesterday coming back from the pool, I saw a nice, new Dollar Tree Store (all items $1) and today, after the pool and brunch, I stopped in there.  I was an entranced 5 year old again. I don't know why but it's like crack to me.  I bought 16 things - a spice jar, toothpaste, a little solar powered dancing flower, little spatulas to dig cat food out of little cans, etc.  It took me a good 45 minutes to make all my selections.  Then when I got home, I opened each one - taking it out of its packaging and, once again enjoying the experience.

I cannot explain it, I just love it.  And it's a way cheaper addition than crack.


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