Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Betty has finally come to the end of her antibiotics and finally I can quit torturing her with food that looks yummy and clearly tastes uggy.  I think it's fixed something.  She's happy and perky and pooping and peeing and I think we're declaring victory.  Next time a vet says antibiotics, I'm saying get our your syringe or no deal.

It's back to the pool across town this morning with my Saturday class. After class, I'm not sure what the plan is.  Maybe some breakfast.

I think my Costco membership expires in February. I want to get there one last time and then I think I'm going to just let it lapse.  I just never use it anymore.  It's kind of silly to keep paying for something I don't use.  I may even make that last run this afternoon.

I have now managed to putter away my pre-pool time and need to suit up and get out the door.
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