Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a most interesting evening last night at the Isilon open house.  There are several tech companies here in town screaming for employees. (There might even be more - I'm not exactly in the thick of the recruiting game.) Isilon is one of them. They had a team of maybe 10 recruiters + about 5 tech employees putting on this open house and attracted about 35 invitees.  It was classy and interesting and well run. 

They were very specific that this was not a job fair but just a chance to meet and greet. I explained to all of the recruiters who chatted me up that I was only there to see the place and be a good neighbor. They were amused. And they hooked me up with the recruiter who would be in charge of short term/temp work if there was any. She was nice and loved my business card (it has the same pic that is my LJ userpic on it).  She was showing it to the other recruiters. Nice.

The presentations were interesting and the offices really lovely. I met some very impressive people there as invitees. One young woman was really really interesting and fun to watch. I wondered if I wouldn't have been just like her had I been born 30 years later. I hope so. She was really impressive.

Also I learned that i have no suitable clothes for that kind of thing. I have to have long sleeves and pockets and pants. I put together something but it is all going into the Goodwill bag. I need to do some shopping today. I want two good outfits that don't look like shit, that cover my arms, that go with my comfortable shoes and have pockets.

I really have nothing on the agenda today. Swim class yesterday was pretty much a bust. It was fun to see my friends and the music was good but the teacher sucked. The pool is closed on Monday. I may just go to the class on the other side of town today. I know the teacher is good - I haven't been to one of his classes in ages. Traffic will suck but it's  not like I have to get home at a certain time. I'll just zen it.
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