Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It looks like I'm finally in sync with  My prescriptions are all showing up. I have confirmed that they will not ship to me until the insurance kicks in (so my one inhaler will cost me $80 and not $980).  In fact, they said they never ship me anything that costs more than $100 without talking to me first. Nice. They just take a little longer from order to delivery but I'm ok with that.  


I often eavesdrop on my brother's shop, via his webcam. For a while there it seemed that virus infecters had gone on holiday but now they are back with a vengeance.  The latest trick is one that grabs your webcam and gives you a webpage with your own image and a notice that you owe the federal government this giant fine and they will give you your computer back when you pay it.  Bill posted a screenshot of it yesterday from one customer. Just now they got a call from another guy with it.

I never see these things and they see them all the time.I guess I'm just not looking at enough porn. Sigh.


My $700 worth of Zappos shoes should be arriving any minute. I will, hopefully, keep one pair and send the rest back, or I send them all back and start again. The Shoe Search of '13.


Swim class at noon and then tonight there is the open house across the street. I need to find something not sloppy to wear that covers my arms to hide these ugly blood bruises.  Most of my long sleeve stuff is not nice enough.  


I think Betty is really healing. She's not eating nearly as much as she was. She's gotten a renewed interest in dried food.  She's not pooping outside the box.  We're almost to the end of the antibiotics. Yeah!


I just made a batch of stuffing/dressing. I love the stuff but, really only love love my version so once in a while I break my no cooking rule and make up a giant batch.  I freeze it in single servings and enjoy it for weeks.

I start with Pepperidge Farm cornbread - not the squares - stuffing mix in a big bowl.
I melt 2 sticks of butter and saute an onion and about 4 celery stalks, chopped.
I use 1 can or whatever of chicken stock and then usually fill the can again with water.
I beat up 2eggs.
I mix it all up in a giant bowl and make add more water until it is pretty darned moist.  Then dole out to my serving/freezer dishes. 

I usually thaw out each dish before baking and then bake for anywhere from 30-60 mins at 350/400 - just making sure it doesn't burn.

Today, I pulled a chicken thigh out of the freezer and laid it on top of one of the servings.  That will make a delicious dinner if not tonight then tomorrow night.
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