Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dear local shoe shops, Zappos says Thank you!!

The shoes from Zappos didn't work. I was going downtown anyway and thought I'd just buy my new shoes out of the store - like we used to do in olden days.  There are two shops that specialize in walking/comfort shoes and then there's Nordstrom's who has all kinds of shoes.

Store #1. A nice young girl greeted me as I walked in and asked if she could help. I was wearing a pair of Merrill's clogs and I showed her and told her I really wanted something like these but not clogs.  She told me that if I wanted comfortable, I'd need ,to stick to clogs. ???  Then I spied a pair of something interesting and I picked up the shoe and she said quickly "Oh, hon, we don't have that in the store."  

I said "I'm confused. I'm in the store, I'm holding this shoe so clearly you have it in the store."  She explained that was display only.  I said well, can you tell me which of your display shoes you actually have so I can try on?  "Oh, no, that would take way too long."

Off to Store #2.  The only soul in the store was a young guy behind the counter. He did not even look up when I walked in.  I wandered around looking at shoes and never heard a peep out of him.  Two cute young chicks came in and he was all over them like white on rice.

Off to Nordstrom's.  I waited more than 5 minutes for this guy to bring me out an idea of what he had that matched what I asked for.  What he brought did not come close. After I dumped him, I looked around and found several that looked like they might have worked but apparently my guy thought otherwise.

So, this morning, I found 6 likely suspects in Zappos. I ordered them all. Zappos will happily pay for me to easily return the ones I don't want.

"Buy Local" is a great idea if Local wants to sell. If they don't, Zappos does.
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