Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is a this and that day. The big ticket items are swim class at noon and The Book of Mormon tonight.

I've never seen the play but I know all of the music by heart and the story so there won't be any surprises but I am very much looking forward to seeing the performance.

My insurance ends at the end of January. It will be renewed automatically but because the way my former employer does it, there is always a gap that is weird and a PIA to deal with so I plan ahead. Today I ordered up refills of my prescriptions. That should, hopefully, hold me til March. I finally got a person on the phone at who was easy to understand and seemed to know her stuff. Hopefully, from now on, I can just deal with the website and not have to call again.

I have figured out that Walgreens is way way slower than the other mail order place my insurance used to use. The other place would get me stuff usually within 3 days of my order.

Walgreens takes a long time. Last time it was 12 days between order and delivery. No biggie. I plan ahead.

The other place had a very weird website and never sent confirming emails or tracking info. Walgreens sends me a boat load of emails about my order and sends the tracking number.

Interesting to compare the two.

This has been a year of medical expenses. Between my lungs and my cataracts, my insurance company and I have spent quite the pretty penny. I'm hoping that this coming up year will be very different. I'd like to lay off the medical issues for the next year and 3 months. Then I'll be on medicare and it will be cheaper - at least for me.

I have new shoes coming today from Zappos. Walking shoes. And my latest replacement light bulb.

Things are just happening here today!!!
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