Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

falling into my lap

I was cleaning up my email just now and spied a link to an open house at one of the companies across the street! EMC Isilon is a database company and that's about all I know except it has gotten high marks as an employer. Their employees had fun cubicle Christmas decorations (which we could see at night from Ann and Ron's unit).

This open house is Thursday and for recruiting. It's pretty clear that they are looking for database technical professionals. I sure ain't that but hey, those data base dudes might need someone to make coffee or talk to HQ or staff the front desk.

So... yep... I'm going. They will have drinks and food and I will get to hear what they do. And it's free. I filled out their RSVP and sent them my resume. Why not? The commute would be doable.
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