Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

1 week later and all healed

This time last week I was waiting for the plane to Las Vegas.  Today, finally, all of my body parts are back and fixed - even my gouty toe.  Being old and out of shape takes its toll.  It's a small price to pay for such a fun time.


I had a horrible sleep night.  Nothing physical (like gasping for air) just not fun dreams and fitful sleep.  Thankfully, I know  that I can make up sleep at my leisure so there's no stress of I Must Sleep!


Lately, I've noticed more and more grammatical errors in the writing of people who honestly believe they are good writers - some of whom even make their living writing.  Some of my LJ friends don't care and that's fine - I'm not talking about those who don't care.  But there are others who really do think they are right and they are not.  Bloggers, who are serious about blogging and make money at it and who's work, I otherwise admire, publish silly and obvious errors. I'm not talking about typos, I'm talking about improper language usage.  It bugs me.  I want to edit them all.

But, I think the problem is me. I need to just quit noticing the mistakes and quit judging.


Today is non-class swimming.  I dug out my ankle weights.  I think I'm going to designate Mondays as Leg Work days.  Several of my fretful dreams last night were centered around the pool - they closed mine and opened a new one. Huge crowds filled it up. It made it hard to work out. Next Monday the pool will be closed for Martin Luther King Day.  So today I plan to enjoy the very heck out of the whole experience.
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