Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I do not want to be one of those people who considers the only good sleep to be the ones in their own beds. I've always been able to sleep anywhere, any place, hard bed, soft bed, floor palette.  The beds at the Encore were luxurious and my brother let me crank the a/c  up to where it was cool enough for sleep.  And, yet, I just didn't sleep well.  The dry air was some of the problem but still...

I get home and these past two nights I've had some of he best sleep of my life.  So, sigh, I guess I am one of those people.  Crap.  But yum.  Wonderful. 


So far no errant poops from Betty.  I mixed the litter old and new and she seems to be ok with that.  She's still not thrilled with the antibiotic but she's eating the food that it's all mushed into.


I'm out this morning for brunch but I had to pick the spot carefully.  The Seahawks game is going to take over many brunch places.  But, I have one place in mind that I think might be football free.  The game starts at 10 and it opens at 10 so... hopefully... 


There is a restaurant on the corner that I can almost see from my terrace.  It's been there for about a million years.  It's a reputable place that is not cheap but not high quality -  some years it's better than others.  It has half round awnings over the door that it paints several times a year - as a baseball, a soccer ball, a football....  

Anyway, last night, I saw on the news that sometime early Saturday morning, someone drove into it through the door.  When you walk in, just after you open the door there are marble steps, so the car didn't get far.  But, outside of that brief mention on the TV, I cannot find any mention, any photo, any note of it anywhere.  I plan to take my own picture of it today.  

I suspect that they had planned to open today for the game.  They do have a side door so maybe.


No other big plans for today.  Bear knitting.  TV watching.  Book reading.  Nice life.
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