Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

testing testing

Swim class was great.  It was wonderful to get into the water again.  There was snow on the ground near the pool!  It also looked icy but I was careful and ran into zero problems.

After class, I made a practice run for my drawing class that starts in 3 weeks.  Mainly I wanted to see if I could leave class, drive through MacDonald's to pick up coffee and then get to the class before it starts.  I got my coffee and then found the building in time, but there was zero parking.  The instructions noted that parking was $5 but the lots anywhere near the building are all restricted.  Crap.  Oh well.  I'm not giving up swimming and so I'll just give up drawing.

But then I got home and read the instructions again and, apparently, when you buy your parking chit, you ask for one of the nearby lots (all of which were nearly empty) and then you can park there!  Problem solved!!!


Then onto the grocery store.  I went to Safeway.  They have this app you can use and the app gives you $$ off stuff specially for me.  So I checked the app and while I didn't buy much, as it happens the things they had special for me were on my list.  The bill came to $45 but after the discounts from the app, I paid $33.  And that was for 2 bags of stuff plus kitty litter!  Sweet.


Now I am home and the laundry is laundry-ing.  Betty appears happy.  
  • I need to put groceries away and make myself a banana, peanut butter and may sandwich (bananas were one of the huge discounts for me $.25 a pound!).  
  • Then I need to find my iGo universal power adapter and write to the iGo people for a nib for my chromebook.
  • Then I need to pack up a speaker docking station I bought for my phone and send it back to Amazon - it's too fiddly to get my phone into.  
  • Then I need to find another solution.  
  • Then I want to make some dressing - I'm tired of stovetop - for the freezer (and dinner tonight).  
  • Then I think I'll watch last Sunday's Downton Abbey's 3rd season 1st episode and knit me some bear.
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