Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a nice day...

I have done nothing all day and done it well.  Well, I did unpack and put everything away.  

I charged most of our trip - hotel, meals cabs, etc - on my Discover card and thanks to 'pending transactions' I can come pretty close to knowing the total now instead of having to wait so I went ahead and moved my best guess amount from the bank to Discover.  I figure it will get there about the time the pending stuff turns to real and the balance will then be close to zero.  Now I can start putting aside the bucks for next year.

Between Twitter, Google+ and internet techy TV shows, CES was a different show for everyone.  People in the know said it was 'all about TV's' or 'all about networking' or 'deadly dull with nothing of interest'.  It's so funny how all over the floor the opinions are.

My brother and I saw a whole lot of ways to make your gadgets watersafe (and every time I asked 'safe enough to swim with' they all said 'oh no!') - thumbs down.  We saw a truck load of different kinds of small speakers - bluetooth and NFC and wifi and everything thing else. And for every 5 exhibitors there was 1 iphone case/attachent/dock, 1 portable charger and 3 misc whatever.

But, all of it was fascinating and interesting and amazing. We enjoyed this year better than previous ones and feel like we saw more interesting and amazing things than previous years. Me thinks we went with different expectations than most.

I am going to find shoes - the hunt starts now. I'm going to get the right ones and start wearing them asap to get them worked in ad ready.  I'm not going to wait.

And, next year, I'm going to take a travel humidifier with me. I have enough breathing issues without a nose plugged with bolders of dried snot.  It was really bad - my only relief was in the shower but I really didn't think spending 3 days in the shower was doable. Maybe if I can sleep with moist air blowing up my nose it will be better.

Betty seems better.  I might be premature but she's no longer scarfing down an unreasonable amount of food and no pooping outside of the box yet either.  She's peppy and affectionate and alert.  I'm hopeful.

My TiVo is full of excellent stuff that stacked up while I was gone. I'm going to enjoy some of it tonight!

I'll be happy to get to swim class tomorrow.  We never did get to the pool in LV.  Maybe next year. 
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