Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

lightbulbs in da house!!!

While in Las Vegas, I got an email from Sheri that she had left my lightbulbs with my neighbors, Lee and Sherry.  I called earlier and left a message for them to call me and I'd come pick them up.  Just now, Lee brought them up and we had a nice visit.  

Tomorrow, assuming I come out of my post-CES coma, I'll go down and get the giant ladder and install them.  I'm not wild about getting up that high by myself but, I'll leave the front door open so if I fall and live, I can scream for help.

I'm so tired of that dark spot!

P.S. They came in their box so I could get the exact info.  And, yep, Amazon has them in fucking stock - PRIME - I could get another one on Saturday if I ordered now!!!  If another one goes out, I'll buy from Amazon and send the dud back to Sheri's guy with a bill for the refund.  Holy crap!
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