Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

CES - ouch! say my feet, my legs, my hips, my eyes...

We did it.  And we did it big.  We walked and walked and talked and stood and walked and gaped and chatted and walked and stood and I don't know if I have ever been more tired.  Whew.

But, it was great.  So great.  

Best swag = a vibrator from Trojan (no shit, really).  
Best idea = NFC speakers
Coolest thing we saw = a curtain of falling water programmed to show designs and spell out the name of the company

Last year there were a shitload of booths with iphone covers.  This year it's e-cigarettes.

Samsung had a huge booth with a baciallion people in it and nearly their entire product line - from clothes washers to cameras.  It was impressive.

Tomorrow morning we're going to hit the Intel booth early.  My brother wants to chat up some of the folks there.  We have a lot more of the show to see and only one day to see it in. 
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