Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wonder if I'm closer to my data here in the clouds??

I forked over the $5 for wifi.  It's only an hour and a half flight but it's only $5 and I wanted to test it out.  So far, so good!


There's a chance I have cracked Betty's poop problem.  The freakin' litter.  I set up that spare box - a very small one and dumped in the cheapest litter I could find (clay) and this morning there were two poops in it.  Crap.  I love that World's Best - but, it looks like she does not.  At all.  

I think she got most of her antibiotic down this morning. I mixed it in a couple of tablespoons of her favorite food and she ate half.  Then I mixed in some cream cheese and she polished off most of the rest. She'll be happy for a couple of days off, I think.  


This little chromebook is a perfect size for the airplane. Small enough to use and maneuver and large enough to see. I forgot to pull out my earbuds and they are not  positioned in the suitcase in a place where I could wrangle them out easily so I'm happy to have the computer diversion.


My brother left me a message that he had cleared security.  He has a longer trip than I do - from Austin, TX. I'll get to LV about an hour before he does. We should get to the hotel about an hour before check in.  Maybe we can hit the pool for a swim while we wait.


I discovered that the NYTimes has a GREAT chrome app.  It is even more readable than the phone app.  Totally worth the $5 extra EXCEPT... I discovered that if upgrade my subscription, for tablet and chrome app, I lose the phone app and getting all goes from $15 to $30 a month.  I'm not ready to bite that off.  At least not yet.


Here's a switch... LJ is working fine and snappy.  Google+ not so much.  And it's per device.  So no phone.  And actually, LJ seems to be the only thing that's snappy.  Weird.  Totally worth the $5 as a test.  Probably not going waste the $$ next time.
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