Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One more sleep

I used to work for a guy who gathered up all his vacation every year and went with his wife to Spain.  Before he left, every day he's great me "Good morning!!!  We have only xx more sleeps left!"  He was a fun jolly guy and everybody loved him... "Did you get John's sleep count today?"

They finally retired and moved to Spain.  I got Christmas cards for a while but now am just left to wonder if he has any sleeps left.

But I don't wonder about me. I've got one sleep to go.  I'm flying Southwest. I just hit the 24 hour mark and checked in.  I'm 23rd in line for boarding.  And my flight to LV has wifi ($5).  My flight home does not but half is better than none...

I'm ready.  I have my short list of stuff that can't be done until tomorrow but about 7:30-7:45 - I'm out the door.


Betty ate her medicine this morning hidden in her favorite food - Merrick's Thanksgiving Dinner. Whew.


Today the only plans I have is a quick run to Grocery Outlet for kitty litter.  I'll probably stop in my McDonald's for some breakfast. I don't really feel like fancy brunch today.  My McDonald's is clean and bright and friendly and nice. So nice that once I looked up the owner and sent a letter letting them know how much I appreciated it.  (I got replies from the group owner, the franchise owner, the night manager AND the day manager.  I don't think they get thank you notes too often.)


The Seahawks are playing a big game today. I know nothing and care less about football but you have to have been dead for a while not to get excruciating detail about the game and all that surrounds it.  

But, I am a baseball fan and I can imagine how amazingly wonderful it would be if the Mariners made it past round one of playoffs.  Of course, that's likely not something I'm going face in my lifetime.


Time now to get up, get dressed and get out the door.
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