Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 steps forward and 1 step back

Tonight Betty po0pped in the litter box AND also on the carpet in the half bath (the room before where the litter box is).  Grrrrr.  

I think tomorrow I'm going out and getting another litterbox and fill it with the old timey litter. Maybe she's decided now after all these months that the World's Best isn't the world's best.  I'll set up the new box in the half bath where she has now pooped twice.  Maybe she'll take the hint.


My begging for new friends has worked!  Welcome!  To bring you up to speed with the latest:

1.  My 12 year old cat, Betty, has recently taken to pooping in inappropriate places. I took her to the vet who tested her blood and discovered that she has 3 times the amount of white blood cells that she should.  So she's getting an antibiotic that she's not happy about and we'll test again in two weeks.  Outside of the creative pooping she is her old self, perky, eating and drinking normally.  She's a wonderful kitty - except for that pooping sitch.

2.  I am going to Las Vegas on Monday - to the Consumer Electronics Show. I'm meeting my brother (who owns a PC  repair shop outside of Austin, Texas) there and we are planning to get some good visiting in as well as wallowing in gadgetry goodness and major swag acquisition. I love Las Vegas and this will be my 3rd CES.

3.  I'll be back on Thursday but totally connected the whole time I'm gone so anyone hoping for a reduction in the number of my LJ entries is going to be really disappointed.


I have 30 minutes left in the audible version of Heft. It is a great read if anyone is looking for a nice novel to consume.  The audible version is particularly yummy.  The book is written in the voices of the two main characters and the audible version cast two perfectly perfect voices. 

I went to to see what's next on my list and make sure I have it on my phone.  While there, I decided to rate (stars) the last few I've read - mainly so I could tell more quickly that I had actually read them.  A couple of them were real losers and lo and behold, when I clicked 1 star, I got a pop up asking me if I wanted to return it.  Say what???  I clicked yes and I got my credit back!!  I went to the other one - and returned it for credit, too.  I had no idea audible did that.  Wow. It is really one of Amazon's best run outfits.  Even better than Zappos almost.

And I am set for books for the trip and beyond.  Plus, now I have credit and a healthy list of stuff I want to read when I run out of current stuff I want to read.  Or listen to as the case may be.  

I also put the Kindle app on my Chromebook in case I want to read read my books there.  I'm only taking the Chromebook and my phone - that should work out fine for whatever I need.  The Chromebook is not wifi dependent.  Last year I had a terrible time finding even marginally acceptable wifi anywhere - my hotel included. I am at a different hotel this year but I ain't taking no chances.


Ok, time for bear knitting and junk TV.
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