Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Art Kouris is looking for new friends and so am I so I'm just copying his clever ploy.

I'm looking for new friends, people who are like me, or who like people like me.

  • 63 YO straight female
  • Retired web producer
  • knitter
  • gadget lover
  • aqua jogger
  • baseball watcher
  • tv watcher
  • reader
  • seattle-ite
  • registered democrat
  • I live alone and have for most of my life
  • I eat what I want when i want so I'm fat - I'd rather not be fat but I'm not willing to sacrifice my eating pleasure
I post to my journal for my own pleasure/recording, not necessarily to gather an audience. I friend and unfriend without asking and without expectations. 99% of my journal is public so you can follow along without friending, if you like.

I'd love to find journals of people who post regularly and share their lives.  I'm not big on fan fiction or memes or polls or quizzes but would rather read about you - your thoughts and ideas and life goings on.

It would be fun if you would spread the word and/or if you would let me know of journals you think I might like to add to my reading list.
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