Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think I'm winning

Clearly animals with health issues are not my thing. Actually, humans with health issues aren't either for that matter. No one would ever mistake me for a nurse or a doctor or a vet. The best I could do is make you laugh and hope that, in fact, laughter is the best medicine.  

Betty, however, is not laughing. She does love her food, though. So I'm adding the antibiotic into a little bit of her favorite food and giving it to her. She'll eat it cause it's all there is. I did stop by the expensive food store and picked up a couple of cans of the food she likes the very best - cat crack, I call it.

Swimming was good. I stayed after class and did an extra 15 mins of balance work and stretching with the noodle. I hope the pool in our hotel is really open and a good one. The Wynn twitter person said it would be open so I'm counting on it. My Google research last year showed no Las Vegas hotels had their pools open in January and then I saw with my very own eyes someone swimming in Caesar's pool. Ha!

I stopped by Denny's for breakfast after swimming and it was ok. My expectations were low and they were met. I am, however, loving having the New York times on my phone. There is always something fascinating to read waiting for me and easily accessible.

Now I'm going to post a begging for friends entry and then maybe turn on the TV and knit. My book is getting too close to the end so I want to save it.
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