Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The first round goes to Betty due to an offensive error

I squirted half her dose into her food and left it overnight so that the food smell would take it over.  Even so, she turned up her perky little nose at it.  But, it wasn't her favorite food. Head slap. Doh. 

So just now I took the second half of the dose and mixed it in with her regular food and so far so good... yeah, she's lapping it up now.  Whew. Ok, stick to tried and true. Classic Fancy Feast chicken, beef and turkey. Noted.


This morning is swim class at the pool on the other side of town and then, I got nothing.  If I'm starving, I might find a  place for brunch. But, other than that, I have no plans. 


Ok, she didn't finish every morsel but I think she will. She'll go back in a bit and finish it off. I think we have marginal success. I think I'll dose her tomorrow and Monday morning and not foist this onto Ann. Ann is not a cat person but makes an exception for Betty so I think I won't push it.

Pool time!
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