Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gee, that cat antibiotic looks lovely on you...

The pharmacy finally called at 4.  It is located in West Seattle, a bedroom community connected basically by one bridge.  The traffic from my house to there at 4 pm on a Friday night??!!!  But, no choice.

Turns out, it wasn't too bad at all and the place was pretty much where I thought it was and when I parked behind it, I realized there was a very handy back door.  Went in, paid my $48 got very little instruction and came home.

Guess what??  Turns out, Betty is not a fan of having a syringe of strange stuff stuck in her mouth!  Not even a tiny little bit.  It's on me, it's on the chair and a fair amount drooled down her chin. I think she got some but I think the score is Betty 0 and Me 0.

Tomorrow, I think we're going to try a little bit in her food.I put a tiny bit on my tongue and it was pretty tasteless.  Since she'll eat nearly anything, maybe it's time to exploit that.


I spent the day waiting for the phone call and it was a lovely excuse not to do much at all.  The book I'm reading is really compelling and I spent a nice time with it this afternoon. And I did some work on my finances.

And I did my CES  trip prep. I have, for years, traveled with a backpack that has wheels. This time I got a new suitcase - an el cheapo that is actually smaller in size than the backpack but holds more. Unless I'm forgetting something huge, I've got lots of room i the suitcase.Plus it's expandable. This does not bode well for self editing swag collection when I get there. Oh well.

I was at Grocery Outlet this afternoon and a woman behind me asked me where I got my bag.I was using a McAfee cloth swag bag. I wanted to tell her to follow me home and I'd hook her up with bags for life. As it was, I didn't buy that much so I just handed her my bag and carried my stuff out in my hands. Whew, one bag down, 487 more to go!
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