Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Betty is not hyperthyroid.

Her blood work came back all normal except a white count of 3 times what it should be.  Ugh.  The vet was really so very full of information and help.  He offered up an ultrasound but then said it would be probably about $500.  So I said no thank you and we moved onto a course of antibiotics.

He gave me the choice of pills (way too nasty tasting to grind into food) or liquid compound.  I voted for Iiquid.  He said he call in the prescription tonight and I could call tomorrow afternoon to see if it is ready.  I also explained about being away next week and he said that if I gave it to her Monday morning and then skipped two days, that wouldn't be a problem.  Whew.

This hospital has a bunch o' vets.  All are wonderful but this guy is really really nice and easy to talk to and full of options.  I like him a lot.  Dr. Meridith.

Two weeks we do more blood work to see if the antibiotic worked.

And... p.s. She pooped in the litter box tonight!!!  Whew.
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