Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day..

Betty is still perky and begging for food and sticking to me like glue.  I found another pile o' poop and another place where she had thrown up.  I so hope we can find and fix this.  No word from the vet.  Tomorrow.

The LED bulb festuche got a new wrinkle today.  Sheri sent an email that two bulbs did come in after all.  WTF???  She said she would pick them up and deliver them Monday.  ER, not so fast... I told her I would not be here and she should just mail them. She doesn't want to mail them which I do not understand but does promise to have them here when I get back.  I'm not counting on it or holding my breath.  I will be very very happy when I get these freakin' lights fixed.

And speaking of home improvement.... There's a Seattle Remodeling Expo that starts tomorrow afternoon.  Assuming I don't need to do something about Betty's health, I might just go.  It's $4 and might be interesting.

I'm trying not to borrow trouble but Betty's treatment for whatever is wrong with her is likely going to need something done daily and I'm leaving town.  If I'm lucky, it will be a once a day thing and I can do Monday before I leave and Thursday when I get back and Ann will only have to do Tuesday or Wednesday.   If it is what the vet thinks, likely the treatment will be rubbing something on her ears.  I think Ann can handle that.  

We had a brand new swim teacher today and the shallow end was full of screaming children.  It was rather much of a mess but he tried hard and I sure appreciated that.  

Time now for bear knitting and tv watching.
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