Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

$$ cat

I really do love the West Seattle Animal Hospital.  They are always open.  If I need an appointment, they always have one for me right away.  There is easy parking.  They are really efficient and kind. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to

go there.  $200 today.  The doctor thinks that Betty is likely hyperthyroid. While he had her out to get blood, I looked it up on my phone and out of the dozen or more symptoms listed, she had most.

He said it was very treatable and rattled off a giant list of options.  And he said that if it was that, we'd figure out what it is and fix it.  You can't really argue with that.  At least I can't.

Betty did not want to get into the carrier. I was able to get her in there only because she is so small I can grab her with one hand and shove her in with the other.  Then she cried and whined all the way there.  Until we got there and she shut up.  They put us in a room to wait and I opened the carrier and she didn't move.  When the vet came in, I had to drag her out of that same carrier she hated 20 minutes before.  

When we got home, however, and unzipped the carrier, she was gone in an instant.  But just now she came into the living room.  Apparently all is forgiven.

The doctor said he'd call maybe this afternoon - or tomorrow morning.


Chef Anita is here.  Yum.  Swim class at noon.


Oh! finally shows my prescription on their website!!!  The one they told me 3 days ago that they didn't have.  ARUGH.  But, it's there and I can see it and it has shipped.  So, I think we're set up.  Whew.
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