Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday. Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday.

This week has been a  bitch for knowing what day it was.  Chef Anita is coming tomorrow.  She always comes on Tuesdays.  Except this week.  So between holidays and closures and Anita's different day, I'm just confused.


The latest lob on the ceiling bulb parry is... two bulbs ordered.  One arrived. No clue when we'll see the other one. I stomped around and cursed and yelled and was so pissed.  Then I ate dinner and chilled and sent another 'thanks for the update.' email.  

I just wish I could go back to hearing people who walk in to my condo say "wow, this is really beautiful" and not "hey, do you know you are missing some bulbs in your fixture?"

Oh well, next Summer it will be light enough not to need the lights until after 8 at night.


When I first moved to Seattle in 1992, there was a local comedy TV show called Almost Live that spent 30 minutes each week poking fun at Seattle in skits.  It was usually hilarious.  There is a lot of Seattle and the surrounding areas to laugh at - a LOT.  But, somewhere in about the mid-90's it got dropped from the station - it moved to a new one but didn't last a whole long time.  But, now...  Two of the main guys and a son of one of those guys have now banded together for The 206. They did some web videos last year but now they have landed on our NBC affiliate after Saturday Night Live.  I hope they do it right.  There is even a lot MORE to laugh at Seattle about now.


Finally, we're done with reruns and other holiday TV interruptions and back to new shows!
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