Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

drawing vegas, baby!!

I finally found a drawing class that looks like just what I want.  Drawing for Absolute Beginners.  It's 4 Saturdays in February from 10-12 and not far away at all from my Saturday swim class.  I'll be able to make it easily and with time to spare.  I signed up.  I'm jazzed.

And my brother is now fully engaged in the Vegas trip.  He has his own personal brain calendar and tonight it clicked in to the trip.  So yeah!  Wednesday night of CES (and probably Thursday and Friday nights but we're leaving Thursday) is a bitch for dinner.  No room anywhere.  So this year I made reservations - at Roy's.  I've heard about it forever and always wanted to try it.  And one week from Wednesday at 7:15, I'll be there!!

Tomorrow morning, Sheri (the designer) is supposed to swing by here about 10:15 with the two lightbulbs to replace the duds.  Knowing her, I'm fairly sure that come tomorrow, she will send an email with some excuse as to why that's not going to happen.  I'm steeling myself for this eventuality.  Life will go on.  She knows I'm out of patience so she'll get it all fixed someday.  My throwing a fit tomorrow won't do anything but piss me off and stress her out.  Neither is productive or fun so I'm going with 'ok, thanks for letting me know.'

I'm practicing now.
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