Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Betty is like the perfect cat almost.  

She doe not shed her hair all over everything.  She ignores all plants.  She never feels compelled to knock shit off of anything ever.  She lets me trim her nails and get the gook out of her eye.  She never wakes me up. She could be a little more cuddly and I'd love it if she'd let me hold her, but she does often lie right next to me and/or crawls into my lap so that's probably good enough.  And she eats like a long shoreman and not the sub-6 lb kitty she is.  But, when you make out the pros and cons list, she's totally a keeper and kind of setting the b
ar a little high for any other kitties.


This is the photo I got in email this morning.  It's Chico - one of the two amazingly wonderful dogs who live with Ann and Ron's son and his wife.  Charlie and Amy were  at Ann and Ron's for Christmas.  Amy always makes Christmas cookies and this year gave me a boatload.  Charlie makes ice cream and I got my own pint!

I took teddy bears to Chico and her sister Ginger.

Charlie and Amy sent me this picture of Chico napping with hers.  I honestly think it's just adorable.


After much futzing around with the computer in bed.  Surfing then listening to my latest book while playing mindless games, I decided I was hungry.  I love the smell of breakfast when it's cooking and I haven't eaten yet.  But, the smell always seems to outlive it's welcome so I decided to see if there wasn't some place open for brunch.  I headed out to West Seattle where there are more than a lot of brunch places on weekends to see if any were open.

I struck gold at the first place I tried.  I used to go to the Skylark every Sunday - for a long time.  I liked the food, the bloody mary's were the best and it was a nice, warm place.  I think it has changed hands.  I went back about a year ago and the bloody mary was not nearly as good.  This morning, the menus were different (not in a good way) and the food was mediocre.  Oh well, next time I'll know.


It's cold out.  And cold in here.  I have my Dyson heater going full blast and it feels so nice.  I like the cold. I like putting on layers of clothes and snuggling down into them.   The cold always smells so fresh and clean.  Hot so often stinks.  I'd love a little snow but I'm grateful for the cold.


On my way to find something else, I found which not only lets me add a podcast via rss but also has a boatload (flotilla, actually) of content that I can get on my ROKU including a whole crapload of local TV stations around the country which is kind of fun.  I just watched the weather forecast for today on WSCO in Charlotte, NC.  And I figured out how to get YouTube on my Roku  

I now officially have more shit to watch than I have lifetime left to watch it.

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