Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done

I'm not big on resolutions or year end review but I will say that I have been thinking all day about my breathing.  There was a time, last year, when I figured I was minutes away from 24/7 oxygen and hoping for the end.  Today, thanks to some pricey drugs, I am breathing better and better.  There were several months when walking from my living room to the front door was a struggle.  I went to bed at night hoping I would not wake up wheezing and gasping.  It has now been nearly a year since I've had either problem.  It's heaven to go through whole days without even thinking about breathing.

And today I forgot to suck down the inhaler I use for exercise before I went swimming and I was fine.  Just fine. And the fools who were there crowding the joint last Monday were gone today.  It was just me and Yuli and Bin in a three people lane.  Perfect.

This is my pool on Monday's when I get there.  It does not open until 11 and I try to be on the side ready to pop in by 10:59.


After I got home and lunched, I did a load of laundry, folded it and put it away.  I remembered to put sunglasses with my CES stuff.  I recharged my swimming mp3 player.  And I took the trash and garage down to their respective dumpsters.  Oh and I filled out my proxy for Ann and Ron to vote for me at the home owners association annual meeting.

I'm ready to take the day off.  

I still have half a track lighting fixture without bulbs. Two of the LED bulbs were bad and had to be replaced which turned out to be a thing. I suspect that half of the problem is the bulb guy not placing the order and the other half is Sheri, the designer, not riding his ass to see that he did.  She told me on December 14 that the bulbs were being shipped that day from New York.  I finally wrote her today asking if they were shipped on the backs of turtles...  She hadn't even followed up to see if they came in.  Sigh.  She's going to do that Wednesday and deliver them if they are there.  Then I'll have to drag ass that gynormous ladder up here and wait for someone to come spot me and put them in.  (I am not going up a 10 foot ladder with no one here - it's not high enough to for a fall to kill me.)

She did say that she will be here on Wednesday because she's meeting with Sherry and Lee (my neighbors downstairs).  Curious.  Wonder what they are having done.  Last time I saw their place it was petty darned nice as it was.

I think I'm going to take the rest of the day off.  I'm going to put my feet up and do some bear knittin'.  

Oh the bear placement center was closed today.  So the bears are all huddled together in the back of my car until Wednesday or Thursday.  Poor things.  Hope they know how to hibernate.
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