Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Planning for the worst

I often assume the worst will happen because I am much more capable of handling surprise delight than surprise disappointment.

I am going to the pool today. I assume it will be, once again, too crowded and I will give up in disgust after 20-30 mins.  If I get more, great!  If I don't, it's what I expected so no biggie.

In a more important scenario, I'm wondering if my brother is going to bail on the CES trip to Las Vegas.  I know his business is at a critical time and if he felt like taking four days off was too much to sacrifice, I wouldn't be surprised.  I went to CES by myself last year and it was ok.  This year, I've decided that if he can't come, I will have fun.  The hotel has a pool that will be open.   I have a plan for the show and for me.  It will be fine.  I do hope to be surprised with delight if he does come but I'm ready.

Today is also bear delivery day.  The Baby Corner moved this year to a place that is oh so conveniently located right on my way to the pool.  That was so nice of them.

Those are really my only plans for today - oh, I will go get my last $2 Subway lunch.  The promotion ends today.  Sigh.

I killed HBO and Netflix.  HBO was instant and I have a couple of weeks left of Netflix.  I'm honestly glad to get rid of both.  Neither  is terribly expensive except I so rarely use them.  And when you combine them it's more than $200 a year.  

Tonight is my annual New Year's Eve tradition of doing nothing to observe the passing of the year.  I'll go to bed at the usual time - long before midnight - and wake up tomorrow writing down 2012 for the next month, when I have to note the date by hand, which is way less often than it used to be.

I have no plans for Wednesday.  Chef Anita comes Thursday.  And then next Monday I leave for Las Vegas.

Meanwhile it's dry and cold here.  A little moisture would bring some sweet snow but, alas, it's not going to happen. Oh well.

I hope LJ is working on LJ today.  It was up and down all day yesterday and today I can't get to any profile - my own included.  Poop.
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