Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New media

I hit my NY Times free limit again but this time I got an offer of $.99 for the first month and I bit.  And I'm loving it.  I'm surprised how much I'm really enjoying reading it and there is so much to read and their phone app is just perfect for me.  There is even this handy little 'read later' feature.  If I want to keep it after this month, it's going to be $15 a I honestly think I'm going to do it.  

My HBO is $10 and my Netflix is $9 and I'm ready to let both of them go.  So the NYT will save me $4.  Yeah, I know, blurred math.

It's probably my new found interest in the band, Journey.  No clue where this came from.  I was musically deaf when they were hot.  I'm catching up.

I'm trying out new budget ideas since I no longer have a paycheck.  I get an infusion of cash from my investments every month and the IBM pension but it's not like there's new stuff coming in.  So, while there's enough, I don't want to get crazy.  My current plan has a definitive list of my commitments (mort, comcast, sprint, electricity, the pool, etc.), I also carve out a set amount for discretionary spending (grocery, gas, movies, stuff).  This month - with 2 days to go - I've got 25% of my discretionary left over!  

I'm thinking about putting the leftover away each month - maybe that will be my CES money.
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