Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Truth and Dare

Yesterday in swim class, I got these thoughts in my head and I keep chewing on them so maybe if I spit them out here I can move on to other earth shattering revelations...

In the 70's I had a pair of friends who were married to each other.  We were part of about 10 pretty close friends. One day, Cathy came to me and told me that her husband wanted to have sex with me and she was fine with it, would I be?  This was pre-aids and we were religious birth control pillers and so we slept with whomever we wanted whenever we wanted but this was a new one on me. I liked her husband a lot but had never thought of him sexually.  I was tremendously flattered so I said sure...  There ensued a couple of incredibly awkward weeks as we danced around the logistics.  Finally, it dawned on me that if it were meant to be it would have been and I went to both of them and said 'thanks but no thanks.'  It's still one of the weirdest human interactions I've ever had.

In the 80's - new town, new friends - I was out drinking and partying with a bunch of friends and we got to talking about wild stuff we'd like to try. My go to 'someday I want to...' at the time was sky diving.  My friend, Jane's husband piped up 'I can make that happen for you!!'  He was a pilot.  He said he'd fire up his plane the next morning and I could jump out of it.  We got whipped up into a frenzy of planning.  They said they would pick me up at 9 and then we'd grab more friends who wanted to watch and go to the airfield and do the deed.    I woke up the next morning way sober and terrified. I called Jane and said 'thanks but no thanks.'  I'm not sure that I'd pass up the opportunity if it showed up today.

In the 90's, my friend John and I were in New Zealand at the original bungie jumping place - AJ Hackett's.  We were watching people jump and he said he would never do that and I said that I'd do it in a minute.  He said well, why don't you?  And I said ok I will.  And I did.  And it was really very cool.  Like a lot of tourist places, they took your picture and then wanted to sell you the videotape your jump and sold you both the picture and the videotape.  We didn't buy either.  It wasn't a matter of cost, we just didn't care.  I guess the doing was the thing.  But, I'm a little sad because now that John's dead, I got no proof I ever did it.  I think I want a trophy.

That is all.
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