Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

to brunch or not to brunch

The Seahawks are playing here today and that means mayhem in the hood.  Going north or east or west is not an option because of traffic but there is one option south of here.  If I got there at 9, I probably could get back home after without too much trouble.  But, if I stayed here and cooked my own damn breakfast, I would be guaranteed not to get caught by the idiots.  I think I'll stay here.  

Wonder who's windows they'll smash this week?  In addition to plate glass, there was also a lot of car window breaking.  Not to mention the human waste and vomit in the streets and trash.  Lovely.  There was a sports stadium here when I bought the place.  Over the years the fans have gotten so ugly.  Football is the worst, then baseball.  The soccer fans aren't usually horrible.  They are talking about building a basketball/hockey stadium down the way from here.  It's not going to get better and I'm not moving.  So I'm very happy to be high up here above it all with a full larder.

It turns out my doctor did send my prescription to Walgreens.  He sent another prescription to the local drugstore.  They are both for seborrheic dermatitis.  I'm not clear why he sent both or why one to each place but it really does not matter.  However, what does matter is that Walgreens still shows NO sign or the order.  Sigh.  Looks like I'll be calling these guys yet again.  When I get to the expensive drugs next month, it is going to get pretty ugly if they can't get it straight.  My 3 inhalers are $40 a month (with insurance) each at the walk in store.  Mail order cost me $80 for three months - each.  Over the course of a year this is not inconsequential.  

I'm reading Heft the audible version.  I'm only an hour and a half in, but so far it's very compelling.  I think that today may be filled with more of it.
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